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Battle rope circuit
Have you ever noticed a giant rope laying around at your gym and not sure what you’re supposed to do with it?   Well, it’s called a Battle Rope! Using it can actually improve your strength and endurance by engaging the whole body, including the muscles of the hands, forearms, shoulders, back, legs (incorporating squats […]
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Do you Squat? What’s your available range? How well do you move? Is there pain?   Squats are a basic and highly functional staple of many strength training programs. There are countless variations, modifications and progressions to this fundamental movement. But how do you really know if your body can handle a loaded squat?   […]
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Pigeon pose
For any of you who sit at a desk, in a car, or experience occasional low back pain, your hips could likely use some TLC. This hip-opening yoga pose can help loosen tight hips, alleviate back pain, improve your range of motion and circulation.   Pigeon Pose targets the hips because it stretches the hip […]
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