Pigeon Pose to Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain

For any of you who sit at a desk, in a car, or experience occasional low back pain, your hips could likely use some TLC. This hip-opening yoga pose can help loosen tight hips, alleviate back pain, improve your range of motion and circulation.

Pigeon Pose targets the hips because it stretches the hip rotators (the buttocks area) and the hip flexors (the long muscles that run along the front of your thighs and pelvis).  It can also be helpful in finding relief from sciatic and back pain as well as releasing built up stress, trauma, fear, and anxiety.

Trainer tip: Be mindful of your knees; you should not feel any sensation in them. If the knees hurt, bring your forward foot closer to the opposite hip. You can also reduce intensity by placing a yoga block underneath the hip being stretched.

As ALWAYS, work within YOUR Pain-Free Range and pay attention to your body and what feels right. Breathe deeply and enjoy!