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Train From Home

Train From Home

Want to ditch your gym membership?

Build a Home Gym

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Working out at home is perfect for many who want privacy and convenience without sacrificing high quality equipment. Let me share with you how I turned my garage into the perfect workout zone.

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Doing it the fast way

Equipment Essentials
No need to make a big investment in order to have great workout. I've made a list of my favorite equipment that is perfect for those starting to workout at home.
New habits take time to establish. Working out at the same time everyday, or committing to exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, can really kick start your new exercise regime.
One of the most important things safety. Exercising without the supervision of a fitness professional can put you at risk of injury. Take time to listen to your body and work within YOUR pain-free available range!
Apps + Helpful Tools
There are lots of workout aids out there. I recommend checking out the app store for progress trackers and other ways to help you keep track of your stats. Let me know if you need recommendations.
Equipment Recommendations

Home Gym Essentials

It's more complex than you'd think!

Get Pro About it

What you're looking for is a few key versatile pieces that will give you a wide ranging workout. You want quality, but not necessarily the kind of equipment that can withstand commercial use.
Layout + Space Planning
Making the most of the space you have takes a little planning and effort. You want to optimize and make sure that you've got enough room for you to move around your equipment.
If you work out hard, you're going to want to consider air-flow. If that's not possible, I have a few ideas about non-toxic cleansers to help keep your space smelling fresh.
Your knees will thank you if you invest in flooring. The cushion will also protect your equipment as well as your body.
Care + Maintenance
If you invest in equipment, you'll want to know how to make it last. I have some tips for keeping your gym in tip-top shape.
and so much more
If you're looking to create content or broadcast workouts from your home gym, I've got some ideas about filming and sound equipment I'm happy to share.
Invest in quality

Die Hard Equipment List

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Once you've got your home gym up and running, use my free videos to guide your workout. Go to Youtube

Workout Gear Pointers

Get access to my customized lists of my favorite home gym recommendations. Stock Your Gym


Want some expert advice? I can be a supportive part of your process from start to finish. Get 1-on-1 support

Equipment Recommendations

Super Useful Accessories

All about Julie's Garage Gym

My Home Gym Story

After years of working for a commercial gym, I was ready for the next step in my fitness career. I wanted to build a business of my own, a gym where I could create an environment that cultivated my core values and personalized care for others.  

Aside from being an Accountant turned Fitness Professional, I have also been a property manager since 2007. In a property I manage, I’d discovered an old, dark, dingy, water-damaged garage filled with abandoned storage left behind by tenants who had long since moved away.  I realized that I could transform this space to something useful. 

That flash of brilliance started me on a five-year journey that included garage sales, contractors, floor installation, permitting, and gym equipment selection. I poured my heart and soul into this project because I wanted to create a space that my clients would love to be in. And Julie’s Garage Gym was born. 

In building my small local business, not only have I been able to connect with so many amazing individuals, but we’ve built a beautiful community through it all. It brings me so much joy that the work that I do with people, which is transformative, happens in a place that’s all about transformation.

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