This Stuff Works

Julie doing a bicep curl and knee dip

This Stuff Works

Julie does a bicep curl with knee dip
What my clients have to say


Julie is the best personal trainer ever!!! I’ve been working with her since 2016 and I’ve seen incredible results. She’s so positive and motivating, and really knowledgeable too. I love how she personalizes fitness routines and plans for each of her clients! Thanks for everything Julie!!

Arrott H

“Omg…the best personal trainer that I have EVER worked with. She has helped me in so many ways and because Of Julie i feel better about myself and the way that I look. Thank you for everything.”  

Mark I.

“I had such an amazing session with Julie! She is such an expert in her field. I’ve worked with many different trainers and she is the best by far. If you want to get in shape, stay motivated AND have fun doing, she is the one for you!”  

Sophia M.

It was my dog who found Julie for me on a neighborhood walk, curious to check out the garage door that was ajar. She  has been my personal trainer now for well over a year.  She designs exercise routines tailored to my goals, how my body is doing on a particular day, and to the right level of challenge. She demonstrates each exercise very clearly and then monitors my execution,  vehemently, getting me to keep my shoulders down away  from my ears and maintain a healthy posture as I work.She is an excellent teacher, upbeat, and highly professional. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Last summer I had double bypass heart surgery.  For several weeks,I could not use my arms to lift more than a glass  of water or to shift body positions. The rehabilitation staff were all impressed with my ability to get in and out of bed using legs/core only, sit and rise from the toilet, get onto a low stool to shower etc. All this was possible thanks to all those many squats Julie had made me do,…I blessed her  for every one of them  throughout recovery and to this day.

Hadas R.

“Julie Sinner is the most amazing trainer.  She is super energetic and inspiring.  She made my workouts fun and so effective.  She literally changed my life.”    

Kristin P.

“Julie has been my personal trainer for the past year and while she kicks my butt most sessions, she does so with a smile.”

Kyleigh N. 

“I have had the pleasure of working with Julie Sinner who is my personal favorite , and is the power lady who trained me for four months, as I prepared for my wedding last year. And on my wedding day, my toned up body, coupled with inner happiness and peace, made me feel like the most beautiful bride on earth! Not to mention my super hero stamina that made ‘Jumping the Broom’ look like a track and field long jump event!”


Julie is amazing! She is super encouraging, accepts you as you are and helps customize a routine that works for you. As someone who hates going to the gym, I am so glad I found her as the one-on-one training is less intimidating and she is such a kind and supportive coach. Her space is comfortable, clean and just right for what I need. I look forward to updating this post as I make more progress working with her! Don’t hesitate to reach out to her and get a fitness assessment.

Tu-Quyen P.

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