Swiss Ball + Dumbbells: Total Body Workout

Do you have a Swiss (or Stability) Ball lying around your house collecting dust? Maybe you bought one a while ago with good intentions to use but simply forgot… or maybe you just never learned how to get the most out of it!

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, using a Swiss Ball adds instability to basic exercises, stimulating and conditioning your deep core muscles. Here’s a great total body workout using a set of dumbbells and pumped up ball!

Perform 12-15 Repetitions of each exercise. Repeat the entire circuit 3-5 times.


  1. Alternating Side Lunges with Rotation
  2. Chest Flys
  3. Reverse Flys
  4. Hamstring Curls to Bridge
  5. Push + Pull Plank


As always, work within YOUR pain-free range, and meet your body where it is.