Pre-workout Foods Easy to Digest


Gearing up for a workout involves more than just the right apparel. Our bodies need proper fuel to insure we’ll have the energy to last through our sweat session. Timing is key. Consider how long before your workout you’ll be able to take in some nourishment, and how long it’ll take to process that fuel. You want the energy to be in your body (bloodstream, muscles, brain) NOT sitting in your stomach. If you have an hour or less, consider eating something more compact and easier to digest, not something that will weigh you down. Easiest and quickest to process are liquids; think yogurts or protein smoothies. If you have at least two hours to digest, having a moderate, balanced meal with protein, complex carbs, and some dietary fat is optimal for sustained energy throughout your workout.


Here are some of our favorite pre-workout foods that are easy to digest, and provide a steady release of energy during a workout.

  1. Whole wheat toast w/peanut butter and sliced bananas

  2. Greek yogurt w/granola or trail mix

  3. Oatmeal w/berries and almonds or walnuts

  4. Protein bar or smoothie