Benefits of Having a Workout Support System

If you’re feeling unmotivated to start a fitness routine, or maybe you’re simply bored with your current one, making a date with a Personal Trainer or workout buddy can help.

Having the support and knowledgeable guidance of a Personal Trainer can be the difference between reaching your goals, or putting them off another year. If you’re serious about maximizing the efficiency of your gym time, a good trainer or workout partner may be just what you need.


A motivated partner can actually help increase your results. Plus, you both share the many benefits of exercise and collective experience of working towards a goal. Science indicates this is a great way to strengthen your bond. When couples (platonic or romantic) workout together, it can have a positive physical and emotional impact. Partners come away with feelings of synchronicity, cooperative spirit and shared passion.


Benefits of Having a Workout Support System:

  • Motivation and Social Support… AKA Accountability! It is much easier to bail on your own workout if no one is missing you. Having a date with a trainer or workout buddy helps encourage consistency and compliance.

  • Workouts become more fun and challenging! We are much more likely to try new exercises with the guidance of a trainer or support of a partner. Variety is key to staying engaged and challenged.

  • Helps Keep Form in Check! A trainer is there to help select exercises that are specific to your goals and physical needs, and to make sure you’re doing things correctly and safely. If you have an experienced gym buddy, they can spot you and/or provide you with feedback as a second set of eyes.