Health Benefits of Lean Muscle Mass

Did you know that resting muscle tissue actually burns more calories than fat? It’s true! In fact, a pound of muscle, at rest burns 3X the amount of calories compared to one pound of fat. Increasing your bodies lean muscle mass, even without losing “scale weight” will not only elevate your resting metabolic rate (amount of calories you burn per day at rest), it will decrease your body fat % and give you a more toned, fit and shapely physique.

Body fat percentages

Some fitness enthusiasts are hesitant to increase muscle within their bodies for fear of looking BULKY or BIG. Fear not! Having more muscle can be a great thing! Muscle is more dense than fat, therefore pound for pound, it takes up less space because it is more compact (generally by 18-20%) YES, that means physically smaller.

Benefits of having more lean muscle mass: 

  • boost metabolic efficiency

  • improve balance and mobility

  • build a leaner physique

  • enhance strength, stability, power and endurance

  • improve insulin sensitivity and blood glucose control

  • increase energy and vitality

  • increase confidence

  • reduce risk of injury

  • strengthen athletic performance