Improve Your Posture with Resistance Exercises

With shoulders slumped and slouched, necks thrust forward, and heads bent over electronic devices, it’s no surprise that many people suffer due to bad posture. Your posture and body alignment doesn’t have to be dramatically off to affect how you function or to cause pain.

Want to improve your posture? Here are some effective exercises which target the muscles essential for good posture. These exercises will activate and strengthen the ENTIRE posterior chain.

All you need is a medium-heavy resistance band. Perform each exercise for 8-12 repetitions, for 2-4 sets.

  1. Lat Pull-down with Alternating Leg Raise
  2. Bridge with Lat Pullover
  3. Kneeling Reverse Fly
  4. Superman Lat Pull-down Fly
  5. Resisted Bird Dog

NOTE: This is not a circuit workout. It is meant to be corrective and form specific, so feel free to slow down your pace and pay special attention to engaging the targeted muscles.

As always, work safely within YOUR pain-free range, and meet your body where it is.