Use a Resistance Band to Correct Knee Valgus

Knee valgus is also referred to as “valgus collapse” and “medial knee displacement”. It is characterized by hip adduction (femurs collapse inward) and internal rotation (knees tracking inside the frame of foot stance). It can also be referred to as “knee caving” as you descend into a squat or landing after a jump.

How can we correct knee Valgus? One way is to strengthen your glutes.

This video will provide you with three different exercises that can be utilized to correct knee valgus. It should be noted that there are numerous ways to strengthen these muscles, but this is an adequate beginning to a long list of possible exercises.

  1. Squat with Resistance Band

  2. Lateral Walk with Resistance Band

  3. Around-the-clock “Abductor Dance”

A well balanced, corrective strength and mobility program can help correct knee valgus. Be aware of your muscular imbalances and strategically address the areas of limited mobility, and focus on strengthening areas of muscular weakness. Train smarter, not harder to promote balance and improved form and function in your body. Schedule a fitness assessment with a certified personal trainer if you need guidance, or don’t know where to start.