Upper Trapezius Active Release Techniques

The Trapezius is one of the upper back muscles that stabilizes our shoulder blades and facilitates shoulder and neck movement. This muscle is oftentimes misused as the result of stress, tension, and incorrect sleeping positions. Overuse often occurs after sitting hunched over for extended periods of time.

When muscles are misused or overused they can develop adhesions which limit their range of motion, compromise their function, and cause pain. Neck pain and headaches are common when adhesions develop on the trapezius muscle. Active Release Techniques (ART) are a great way to break up adhesions. By breaking up this scar tissue, muscles are able to glide and move freely again without pain and stiffness.

This video demonstrates two techniques that can help relieve tension in the upper trapezius; Lacrosse Ball Massage & Trap Release, Barbell Trap Release.

As always, be sure to listen to your body and work within YOUR pain free available range.