Static & Active Stretching for your Psoas

The psoas, technically named iliopsoas, are two deep-seated core muscles that help support your back and so much more. The psoas major works by flexing the hip, while the psoas minor acts to flex the lower spine. These muscles are unique in that they are the only muscles that connect the lumbar spine and lower body. They help us perform all sorts of daily activities, including walking and running, they’re also essential for good posture.

The psoas is an important hip flexor and low back stabilizer that often gets tight. These are key muscles that if out of balance, can cause back pain. Due to its relationship to the glutes, stretching is key to functional strength and therefore better posture and comfort. Stretching your psoas can help you move with greater ease.

In this video, we show you variations of a static and active stretch. Remember to breathe deeply throughout each movement, and ALWAYS work within YOUR pain free range.