Shoulder Mobility Dynamic Stretch

Puppy-sitting my four-legged friend named Sirius. Although it was a challenge trying to shoot a video while also trying to entertain him, this adorable Beagle made Stretching Sunday so much fun.

The Shoulder Mobility Dynamic Stretch is a excellent way to open up the chest and shoulders. This subtle but amazing stretch is not only great for movement prep prior to a workout, but is also beneficial for everyone, especially considering the hunched positions we frequently find ourselves in (think hunched over at a computer desk or curling up on the couch with your cell phone).

Try this stretch seated or standing using either a dowel, yoga strap, towel, belt, or dowel. Move slowly and breath deeply, allowing your muscles to lengthen and relax throughout the movement.

As always, work within YOUR pain-free available range, and meet your body where it is.