Scapular Retraction for Good Posture

The scapula, or shoulder blade, is attached to over a dozen muscles, including the middle trapezius, lower trapezius, and rhomboids, located in your upper back. If these muscles are weak, your shoulders will hunch forward and add strain to your thoracic spine. These muscles act to retract the scapula, thus bringing the shoulder blades together. This movement is called scapular adduction, or scapular retraction.

Scapular retraction is an integral component of good posture. Completing simple scapular retraction exercises by squeezing your shoulder blades together and pulling your shoulders back, can strengthen your muscles and improve your posture.

Follow along with these 3 simple exercises that can help your posture. Progress as your body allows. Try performing these exercises alongside a mirror to monitor any change in your back or shoulder position.

  1. Shoulder Rolls

  2. Seated Row w/Resistance Tubing

  3. Kneeling Reverse Fly w/Resistance Tubing


You can integrate these exercises into your workout routine, or perform a set several times throughout your day.