Leg & Glute Dominant Total Body Circuit!

Tag a friend to try this Leg and Glute dominant total body circuit! 

All you will need for this workout is a set of dumbbells and a step. Plyo boxes are also being used in this video, but if that is not available to you, a step, ledge, or sturdy bench can be used. We recommend learning the movements on a step that is low to the ground before moving to a taller step.

Repeat the entire sequence 3-5 times.

  1. Toe Taps (30-45 seconds)

  2. Front Loaded Squat (12-15 reps)

  3. Step Up w/Biceps Curls (12-15 reps each leg)

  4. Split Squat (12-15 reps each leg)

  5. Reverse Fly (12-15 reps)

  6. Reverse Lunge w/Rotation (12-15 reps each leg)