How to Plank

A Plank is one of the BEST exercises for core stability. If you’ve never tried one, a plank may look easy… almost too easy to be beneficial, but don’t underestimate the challenge. The core stabilization system required to hold a plank involves the transverse abdominis, internal obliques, pelvic floor musculature, diaphragm, transversospinalis, and multifidus. Yes, lots of 13-letter words, but basically all of the muscles that support your spine, aid in proper posture, improve balance and movement function.

Follow along with this quick video tutorial to learn how to properly do a Plank. Be sure to breathe deeply from the diaphragm throughout this exercise. Use caution and pay careful attention when doing planks if you have back pain or injury. If you’re just starting out, try holding the plank position for several seconds only, slowly increasing time as your body allows.

As ALWAYS, listen to your body to work within YOUR pain-free available range.