Back and Lats Stretch Using TRX Suspension Trainer

In addition to being a portable and versatile suspension training tool, the TRX® can be used to improve mobility and flexibility. It’s unique capabilities allow you to unload your bodyweight to safely move through increased range of motion. The TRX® can also add resistance and leverage, to help guide your body through range that might not otherwise be attainable.

Reinforcing proper body mechanics and posture, the TRX® provides the ability to work with and against the suspension straps while moving into various unique stretches.

In this video Julie walks you through a comprehensive and highly effective, TRX® back stretch. You can think of this exercise as a suspension leveraged overhead hip hinge. With the shoulders extended, the hips hinged and dropped back, the body can effectively settle into a bi-lateral Latissimus Dorsi (upper & middle back) and Erector Spinae (lower back) stretch. Traditional lat stretches are usually only done one side at a time. The unique leveraging of the TRX® allows both lats to be effectively lengthened at the same time.

To progress the stretch, add lateral torso rotation. This move will intensify the lat stretch and include the muscles of the lateral hip, piriformis, hamstrings, and the iliotibial band. Talk about a great way to multitask, and add more stretch bang for your buck!

As always, work within YOUR pain free range and meet your body where it is.